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Street Smart Guide is working in conjunction with Graffiti tour by foot .Together, we have hand selected work by some of the best street artists.  In addition, Street Smart Guide has collaborated with 3rd Culture Creative in the Street to Tower project located at the World Trade Center on the 69th floor of tower number 4.  If you are interested in viewing the private collection  feel free to reach out and we can arrange a private viewing. And, don't forget to browse the gift shop.


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Billi Kid

Billi Kid is a contemporary artist, designer and curator whose artistic vision derives from a passionate urban temperament. His subversive aesthetic and strong brand identity mixes graffiti and street art sensibilities with sophisticated nods to high art, fashion and design. His multidisciplinary approach to storytelling generate beautifully crafted artworks and exhibitions that mirror the city landscape with unrivaled authenticity. Never too busy to look, feel and listen, his collaboration with urban artists from around the world has yielded well documented commissions and events in partnership with brands such as the NBA, Herman Miller, Barneys New York, Gatorade and Sprite. Highly inventive, with a proven record for developing results-driven initiatives, he fosters an environment where artists, brands and ideas can flourish. He is an imaginative problem solver who pushes the boundaries of his personal style with solid thinking and original concepts.

Gil Goren

Gil Goren's work accomplishes an insightful investigation about emerging visual context, highlighting a variety of elusive parts of our unstable reality that build the big picture of our existences. His works are often pervaded with encrypted codes whose urge the viewers to a process of deciphration. Goren's approach rejects any conventional classification and acts as a visual hunter, to cross the elusive boundary that defines the area of perception from the realm of experience. Born in Israel. served in the Israely Airforce. LIved in the Netherlands for 3 yeras. studied visual arts & Design for 4 years in the wizo academy of design, Haifa. built his house by the green mountain of the Carmel. Advertiser, Graphic designer, Conceptual artist. Senior creative director and manager of design at Yehushua/TBWA, one of the leading advertising agencies in Israel. Goren is represented by TRIBES ART GALLERY, one of the leading contemporary art galleries in Israel.

B.D. White

B.D. White entered the art scene by painting hundreds of streetlight bases throughout New York City. Despite his spinal injury at age eighteen, he earned a reputation as a prolific street artist. He is also one of the founders of Sold Magazine, a quarterly printed magazine for artists by artists highlighting the unsung talents of the art world. He was featured by The New York Times, ABC News and various radio shows. White describes his street art as “mindful vandalism,” beautifying the city scape one surface at a time. His work has been shown in L.A, Las Vegas, Chicago, New York and Art Basel of Miami.


Buttsup AKA Buttless Supreme is an iconic & irreverent figure who is a cartoon monkey-esque character with a butt-like head. What’s not to love? The artist behind Buttsup has been making art in the streets and in galleries of NYC for over 10 years. This is a character born out of graffiti who is breaking the “graffiti rules” and living somewhere between graffiti and street art. Buttsup represents the silly and irreverent side of graffiti/street art. He has collaborated with many artists on canvas and on walls. He has shown in galleries around the US and other countries such as Iran. Producing paintings, signage, prints, art-objects, sticker, pins and shirts. Recently he has expanded to more large scale murals.

Dru Blumensheid

Dru Blumensheid (aka BUMESI) is an Australian-American artist & filmmaker based in New York City. Blumensheid graduated with a Bachelors of Fine Arts at the Savannah College of Art & Design in 2007. From 2007- 2014 she resided in Melbourne, Australia, founding an art & model collective called the BUMESI Collective. She creates within mediums of film, photography, fashion design and performance. Her videos and short films are created with the BUMESI Collective, which focuses around a sense of place within global locations, socio-political reflections and futurism.

YESONE- “Ya Tu Sabe” NYC